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Bespoke software for any business requirement.

Itech specialises in web-based software, completely customised to fit your business process. Our browser-based applications use the latest technologies to ensure they are fast, easy to use, and can provide a huge variety of functionality, all tailored specifically to your needs.

Examples of our work:

  • Integration of dynamic applications into websites
  • Straight through processing solutions
  • Intranets to aid team communication and collaboration
  • Sales team performance tracking
  • Home / mobile worker productivity systems
  • Business process streamlining
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Website to back-end-system integration
  • Website visitor tracking and targeting

Our solutions combine the power and functionality of bespoke desktop applications with a host of advantages that make it easier for business to set up, use and support than traditional applications, including:

  • Standardised roll out, and no client software required
  • No complicated or costly user licensing
  • Easily expandable to support growing businesses
  • Minimal system requirements, ideal for thin-clients
  • Platform independent
  • Easy access for remote working capabilities
  • Automatic & simultaneous updates for multi-user environments

We deliver our applications as a managed solution allowing you to concentrate on your business, and let us manage, host and support the systems.

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