Data Recovery & Destruction

At Itech Support, we understand how important your data is.

We offer a complete professional data recovery services for anyone who has lost data and secure data destruction services for those who wish to securely and permanently destroy data.

Our customers are home users, small businesses, students and big corporations.

If you’ve lost data, it’s important not to do anything which might risk your data. For this reason, we urge you to contact Itech as quickly as possible.

Professional Data Recovery

Hundreds of people trust us to help them recover from unexpected data loss – ranging from individuals who have lost precious photographs, to FTSE 100 companies that have lost business-critical data.

We have successfully recovered data from all different types of devices, running all major operating systems, utilising all forms of digital storage media, including, but not limited to:

  • Desktops and Laptops
  • Servers and RAID Array
  • iPads and other Tablets
  • iPhones and SmartPhones
  • USB and Memory Sticks
Secure Data Destruction

We destroy data securely and permanently, preserving hard drives intact for redeployment, reuse or resale, which is not only environmentally responsible, it also makes sound financial sense.

We also have the ability to locate and unlock ‘protected areas’ of a drive if this is a requirement – allowing us to securely and permanently destroy any hidden data.

  • UK Government ‘Enhanced’ Security Standards
  • Secure and Permanent Data Destruction
  • Financial and Environmental Benefits
Hard Disk Drive Destruction

We use a combination of degaussing, crushing and shredding to physically destroy redundant hard drives not suitable for further reuse – recycling components with over 98% recovery and 0% to landfill.

Our secure destruction service meets the requirements of the Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) and our ‘Destruction Certificate’ provides complete traceability.

  • Secure Destruction: On-Site and Off-Site
  • UK Government Security Standards
  • WEEE Recycling: 98% Recovery and 0% to Landfill

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