Should you Outsource Your IT Management

Posted by on 21st February 2017

Although your IT is one of the most important parts of your business, very few business owners consider how their IT really works for them.

So, should you outsource the management of your IT? The points below should be considered before making your decision: –

Placing more focus on your business and improve efficiency

Having an outsourced IT partner, dedicated to managing your IT needs, allows you to concentrate on running your business. Your team can get on with their work without worrying about connectivity, security updates or whether the internet is working or not. Having remote management in place will reduce any downtime and allow your partner to resolve any issues before they become problems.

By working with an outsourced partner, staff can pass over any IT problems so they can concentrate on daily activities and improve efficiency.

Gain access to experts

Some businesses often rely on a computer-savvy staff member, rather than hiring an actual IT expert. Problems may be solved as they occur, but little planning occurs to avoid future problems. A dedicated IT expert has the time and knowledge to be proactive and anticipate problems before they arise

Another problem with this practice is that, even if a staff member is computer-savvy, they can only bring their own limited knowledge and practice to the business. Outsourced IT Partners deal with recurring issues from multiple clients, and stay up-to-date on the latest IT developments. In turn, they generally possess a greater breadth and depth of IT-specific knowledge than you can source from within your office.

Save Money

A dedicated in-house IT department can be expensive as they will need to stay up to date with all IT developments. If they are not fully utilised within the working day, this will be a financial burden that can be avoided. An Outsourced Partner is working across multiple clients so has a much wider knowledge of what is happening within the world of IT.

With an Outsourced IT Partner, you only pay for the services and support you need. Outsourced IT Partners will monitor, protect, and support your infrastructure from a remote location using Remote Monitoring software and will usually know there is a problem before you do.

Keeping up with technology

Keeping up to date with the developments in technology can be very challenging. By working with an outsource IT partner, they can help you stay up to date with all the latest advancements, as well as keeping track of your upgrades and new hardware. By working with multiple clients, outsourced IT partners will have more access to these developments and can share the knowledge they gain across various environments.

Any new technologies that will help your business can be quickly identified and implemented.

Keeping your business secure

Security is key to ensuring your business remains protected. An outsourced IT partner will ensure your business remains protected and compliant to avoid any costly and potentially harmful breaches.

An outsourced IT partner will take a proactive approach to identify any potential problems. Prevention is always better than the cure. Having an outsourced IT partner monitoring this for you will keep your company safe and secure

For more information or advice about your IT requirements, give Itech Support a call on 01923 674091 or email

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